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Virtua Receives Patient Safety Excellence Award


Virtua is the recipient of the Healthgrades 2018 Patient Safety Excellence Award. It’s a designation that recognizes superior performance of hospitals that have prevented the occurrence of serious, potentially avoidable complications for patients. The distinction places Virtua among the top 10 percent of all short-term acute care hospitals reporting patient safety data as evaluated by Healthgrades.

During the 2014 to 2016 study period, Healthgrades found that patients treated in hospitals receiving the Patient Safety Excellence Award were, on average, less likely to experience a variety of hospital injuries and medical conditions (including accidental perforations, hemorrhage, and pressure sores) than patients treated at non-recipient hospitals.

Healthgrades 2018 Patient Safety Excellence Award recipient hospitals also demonstrated excellent performance in safety provided for patients in the Medicare population.

“People expect us to create a safe environment, so when they choose Virtua, they are trusting us to do everything in our power to take the best possible care of them,” said Dennis Pullin, Virtua president and CEO. “An award such as this signals to the South Jersey community that Virtua is the premier choice for their healthcare needs, and that they are in good hands when they come through our doors.”

“We applaud the hospitals who have received the Healthgrades 2018 Patient Safety Excellence Award,” said Brad Bowman, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Healthgrades. “Their dedication and commitment to providing safe care creates tangible results for patients.”

Safety is a top priority for Virtua, which is why Virtua is excited to have been chosen as one of 10  hospitals in the state to participate in the NJHA High Reliability Collaborative. Employees will be educated on safety behaviors and error-prevention tools to increase patient safety.

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