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Evesham Township Officer of the Month for June


Officer Randy Molina, who has been with the Evesham Police Department for 2.5 years, has been named officer of the month for June.

Recently, Officer Molina located a suspicious motor vehicle in the parking lot of the AMC Movie Theater. Investigation revealed the occupants of the vehicle were under the influence of narcotics. Both occupants were arrested and a subsequent search of the vehicle revealed additional narcotics and a loaded handgun.

In June, Officer Molina responded to a male who assaulted a random passerby. Officer Molina located the suspect walking in the area of Palmetto park. The suspect displayed hyper behavior and appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic. The suspect refused to obey Officer Molina’s instructions and instead fled on foot. Officer Molina engaged in a foot pursuit and apprehended the suspect. He was able to place him in protective custody and have Emergency Medical Services evaluate him. It was ultimately discovered that the suspect was using a hallucinogen and was found to be in possession of additional narcotics.

Officer Molina’s actions removed a dangerous and irrational person from a neighborhood park and managed to do so without causing any harm to the suspect who refused to obey his orders. He showed great professionalism and restraint.

In June, Officer Molina responded to the area of Maple Ave for a report of a domestic dispute inside a vehicle. Without much information given by the caller, Officer Molina was able to locate the vehicle in the area and conducted a stop. Inside of the vehicle was a female driver, male passenger and several children. The passenger was arrested for possession of narcotics. This was a chaotic scene in which Officer Molina took control and was able to quickly identify and removed the aggressor and conducted a thorough investigation which undoubtedly ensured the safe transport of the children in the vehicle.