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Recycling Services in Evesham Township


If you’re anything like me, you sometimes find yourself with more trash and recycling than your bins can handle. Here in Evesham Township, we get one bin for each, and you know what, sometimes that’s just not enough, especially after hosting a party or after a holiday. But, there’s a solution, and it’s incredibly simple. I took a tour of the Eveshasm Township Public Works Recycling Facility at 501 Evesboro-Medford Road, with Debbie Pease, the  Township’s Clean Communities and Recycling Coordinator. The facility is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3 pm and Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm.

Here’s what I learned. If you have excess trash, just stop by and drop it into one of the garbage trucks on site. If you need to get rid of just about anything else, they’ll take it here, from cardboard to to electronics. Cardboard should be broken down and flattened. Plastic bottles and containers should be emptied and rinsed. For glass bottles, empty and rinse, you can leave the label on, but you should remove the cap. Juice and milk cartons should also be emptied and rinsed.

Debbie Pease explained that you can’t recycle all cardboard. She says, “frozen food cardboard is sprayed with a chemical to help the cardboard holdup in the freezer. That cardboard cannot be recycled and should be placed in the trash.”

The Recycling Facility will also take anything with a plug, and even recycle those old VCR tapes you have in a box in the basement. You can also bring hazardous waste such as paint and yard or pest chemicals. But, you can only drop the chemicals on the first Saturday of every month, so they don’t have to keep the chemicals on site all month long.

I asked why there are so many rules about recycling, can’t they just sort everything at the recycling center? I learned there’s a financial benefit for Evesham Township to recycle. Debbie Pease says recycling helps us to avoid excess landfill costs and the Township also get a grant, which helps to keep the Recycling Facility open. Debbie Pease says, “if recycling is properly sorted, we’re able to send less and less waste to the landfill, reducing our overall costs.” That’s why she says never recycle plastic bags, styrofoam, flat lids, and anything with moisture (especially rain) should not go in the blue carts or in the dumpsters at the Public Works Recycling Center. Plastic bags actually jam the sorting machines at the recycling center.

Finally, if your garbage or recycling bin is broken, Evesham Township will come out to fix or replace it. Debbie Pease says it’s key to make sure your garbage and recycling bin are kept closed at all times, because rain makes the bins heavier and disintegrates cardboard to a point where it can’t be recycled. Residents may purchase an extra trash cart for $75.00 if they really need one. She adds a second blue cart is given to families that need one at no charge to the resident.  But, they encourage residents to make sure that  cardboard is broken down and only request carts if they need them year-round, not just for the occasional summer party or a holiday. To report a lid/wheel/hinge or damage to cart, please call:  856-983-2798, extension #6910.  Lids, wheels and hinges can be easily fixed.