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Wallet Theft Caught on Camera


Evesham Township Police are looking for two women who were caught on surveillance camera, stealing another woman’s wallet right from her purse. The alleged theft was captured on July 5th at Chickie’s and Pete’s on Route 73 South. The video shows two women remove a wallet from the victim’s purse as it hung off the back of her chair. Police say the suspect then used the victim’s credit cards on the same date to purchase items from a Target Store in Voorhees Township.

Police are reminding people that thieves look for a woman who drapes her purse on the back of a chair or on the floor beside her. They also target people who leave their purse in a shopping cart, on a table or counter, in an unattended office or dressing room, or inside an unlocked car. Thieves also look for coats, especially people who leave valuables in the pocket of a coat hanging on a coat rack.

If anyone knows the identity of the suspects in the video, police are asking you to contact the Evesham Police Department at 856-983-1116, the Confidential Tip Line at 856-983-4699 or email at Facebook@Eveshampd.org. Anonymous tips text ETPDTIP to 847411




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